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You’re interested in installing high-quality vinyl flooring in Des Moines, Iowa but aren’t sure where to start. As a result, you need to follow these simple tips below to get the best results. You should take these steps into account if you are installing flooring on your own or working with a professional. Doing so ensures that you get the most attractive and high-quality floor for your money.


The tips outlined below are some of the most effective ways for you to improve the look of your vinyl floor without doing a lot of extra work. The nice thing about these steps is that they are all done during installation, which means that you can simply adjust your method to meet their demand and get high-quality work.

Proper Preparation – Adding Underlayment

If you want to add vinyl flooring to your home, you need to make sure that you take the time to add a proper underlayment. The type that you add will vary depending on your needs. Some people will add a simple adhesive underlayment that goes directly on the floor where you plan to put the flooring. However, you may also want to add vinyl tiles on top of old vinyl instead.


The latter option is the right choice if you don’t feel like pulling out the old tiles – which you’ll need to do otherwise – and if the floor underneath is already in good shape. You may even be able to add your vinyl tiles on top of other flooring types, depending on the quality of the floor and the materials. Make sure to check with your installation expert before you get started to avoid problems.

Sanding the Subfloor – Eliminates Leveling Issues

Before you lay vinyl tiles on your subfloor or underlayment, you need to make sure you sand it. This step is wise even if you are installing on old flooring tiles. Even if these tiles are in good shape, they may have imperfections that will ruin the look and feel of your new floor. Importantly, this step also ensures that you don’t have an unattractive floor that brings down your home value.


Typically, you’re going to want to use a belt sander for this process because sanding by hand is going to be very challenging and frustrating for most people to do on their own. Install 40-60 grit sandpaper to get the best result. When you work, move slowly over the floor to focus on the high spots and bumps. Have a spotter pay attention to the height as you go to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes that compromise your underlayment.


Working With Door Jambs – Undercutting Helps Here

When adding vinyl flooring to your home, you’re likely to curse your door jambs with all your might when you finally reach them. Door jambs are among the most challenging and frustrating areas to lay tiles and can cause many complications, such as uneven tiles and other frustrations. The trick here is to avoid trying to stay even with the door jamb and to undercut them instead.


This step requires you to carefully trim the jambs and any of the easing around them to make it easier to slide the tile underneath the frame. This hack is one that many flooring specialists have been utilizing for quite some time. It helps to ensure that you get the best results by eliminating the issue and putting the tile in a simple and hard-to-reach place that protects it from damage as well.

Gap Your Tiles – Protects Tile Structure

When adding your vinyl to the floor, you need to make sure that you leave small gaps to ensure that the tile is protected. Like other types of building projects, these gaps help the materials expand and contract depending on the weather. Although your tiles may have some gaps in them, other vinyl options may be a single sheet that requires you to create gaps against the walls to allow movement.


Simply put, you need to add shims along the sides of the wall – about one-quarter inch on all sides – to allow for movement. Make sure that the shims are covered or hidden after the process is over to avoid an unattractive look. You should also add these gaps even if you already have small spaces in your tiles because they provide extra movement that keeps your flooring secure for years to come.

Pay Attention to the Dishwasher – Problems Often Originate Here

The dishwasher is one of the essential appliances in many homes, but it can be a problem when installing vinyl flooring. Simply put, these items often sit directly on the floor and may require you to adjust them a little to ensure that you get the best results. Start by removing the dishwasher, if necessary, or checking to see if there is any space above the washer where you can lift it.


If you don’t have a gap there, you need to find a way to cut one because the new flooring is going to lift your dishwasher and may make it impossible to fit in the space anymore. The gap needs to be at least enough for the dishwasher to fit, so make sure that you measure the height of the extra tiles and the dishwasher and double check it with that of the countertop to get the best results.

Stagger Seams – Creates Varied Patterns


The gaps in your vinyl flooring helps to create unique patterns that make your floor stand out from others. However, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the locations of these seams as you install. For example, you should check that the seams are separated by at least six inches from the rows on either side. This step creates a step-like look that is very attractive in many homes.


However, feel free to experiment with how you install these tiles and seams to get the best-looking results. Some people may want wider seams that create a sense of larger tiles. Others may wish to use smaller ones that create more modest and more detailed looks. Whatever choice you make, ensure that your style is unique and that it truly represents your home’s style.

Finding the Best Flooring Options

So if you want the best vinyl flooring in Des Moines, Iowa and you are ready to get started today, please contact us at Floors Direct. We have years of experience working with these types of floors and will work hard to give you not only the best-looking floor, but also a friendly and effective experience that you will remember for years to come.