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You want to add carpet tiles in Des Moines, Iowa homes, but you aren’t sure exactly how to use them. This problem is one that many home builders and homeowners have experienced over the years because it can be hard to know exactly where to add these elements. Therefore, it is critical to understand the following tile design tips before you start your home renovation. Contact us at Floors Direct to learn more about this process and the different ways that it benefits you.

Always Start With Patterns First

When working with carpet tiles, there are a few approaches you can take when starting your decoration. Some people will want to focus on the colors because they think that they are easier to match to a room. That may be true, but that means you should think about colors last. How does that follow? Well, if colors are the most natural aspect to match your room, then you need to worry about the patterns of each tile, first, to ensure that you get the best results.

For example, you may want to use diagonal patterns on each tile to create a sense of movement or width in a small room. Or you may want to accentuate the length and depth of a room by using vertical or horizontal patterns. The idea here is to work with the shape of your room and to pay attention to not only these shapes but those of the furniture in the room, too, to ensure that they are set up in such a way as to be as flowing as possible.

Once you have found the patterns that you believe work the best for your room, you can then pair them up with colors that also look and feel right. These steps are smart because they can provide you with the kind of unified look that your home may otherwise lack. Just as importantly, it can ensure that you are satisfied with the overall look and feel of your room without having to go back and change up your tiles after they are installed.

Alternate Stripe Patterns

Another great tip that you should keep in mind when using these tiles is alternating their stripe patterns. If your carpet has stripes – some don’t but instead have other types of designs – and you want to make them look engaging, try mixing up patterns. For example, you can pair and alternate vertical and horizontal stripes. Doing so should help to transform the look of your home and make it more attractive and engaging for years to come in your house.

However, you can also alternate different angles of diagonal stripes, as well. For example, stripes that go from left to right can be alternated with those that go in the opposite direction. Remember – your tiles may have similar lines that you can tweak simply by positioning the tile differently. This easy adaptability makes it more comfortable and fun to change up your home’s design and creates a lot of cool possibilities with your fun tiles.

Lastly, if your carpet tiles have different patterns on them – such as squares or circle designs – you can pair and alternate these in other fun ways. Always make sure to pay attention to the overall feel of your room before you commit to any style change. Doing so can ensure that your room feels more coherent and comfortable. If you find that a specific style doesn’t work in a room, change it up or tweak its appearance to ensure that it stays effective.

Stick to the “Mix With Six” Rule

People trying to mix their carpet with the colors of their room may make the mistake of not paying attention to the differences between many shades. This mistake is a common one and occurs when you don’t take into account elements such as how various types of colors can clash if you aren’t careful pairing them up together. Typically, the mix with six rule is an excellent way to avoid issues.

First of all, choose six colors of carpet tiles that you want to use for your home. These colors should match up and pair with other prints and solid colors in the room. Now, place your tiles in such a way that the colors are spread evenly and create a pattern that is hard to deny. For example, you can place orange tiles near brown chairs to create a simple but pleasing look for your home and its many rooms.

By following simple design concepts like these, you can ensure that you create a high-quality look that produces a uniform style. Try to pair up different colors in multiple rooms to create an even more uniform look and style that is hard to deny.

Create Engaging Runner Designs

Lastly, you can always use carpet tiles to produce unique looks for your runners. The runners in a home should provide a myriad of effects on a floor that are both subtle and hard to miss. Thankfully, a majority of runner designs are quite simple to create and shouldn’t take a lot of time to manage with these tiles properly. You may need to consider graphing paper before you start this process, though.

Why is graphing paper necessary for creating runner designs? Well, graphing paper lets you create designs that you may not be able to get in any other way. For example, you can use stripe patterns, shapes, and other elements of your tiles to produce a unique style. And you can use your graphing paper to etch these tiles and the positions of your runner to create a hard-to-top look.

Try to work directly with professionals when using these tiles in this way. Why? They can provide you with the kind of high-quality insight that you can only get from experts with years of experience. Even if you know the exact look that you want, these experts can tweak your approach slightly, if necessary, to ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with the look that they have created for your home.

Let Us Help You Use Your Carpet Properly

As you can see, using the best carpet tiles Des Moines, Iowa has to offer can transform your home and produce unique and incredible styles that are hard to top. So if you’re interested in this type of flooring item for your home and want professional help, please contact us at Floors Direct right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience in this field and will work hard to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the unique benefits that we have to provide you and your home’s design.